How KashFlow helps small businesses

Since 2005, KashFlow has been providing intuitive cloud-based accounting software for small business. Duane Jackson, a former web developer who found himself struggling with existing accounting software packages, founded the company after outgrowing using Word and Excel to do his invoicing and keep track of his accounts.

Duane built a simple program to help him do the books and was soon inundated with requests from other small business owners to share the bit of software he had built. He did so, and produced further iterations based on their feedback. With the help of the Prince’s Trust, Duane began to market the software and hasn’t looked back since.

As of today, the company has tens of thousands of users, dedicated teams in the UK and India, and has won multiple awards. To think, all that and it was very nearly called Lollymate.

In 2013, KashFlow was acquired by IRIS. With over 50% of UK accountants using IRIS Software, the partnership offered us the chance to improve our relationship with accountants and offer our cloud bookkeeping software to larger businesses too. Meanwhile, our history of working with small business owners was attractive to IRIS. It’s kind of like we’re the Robin to their Batman…or maybe vice versa depending on who you ask!

We use an open source QR code generator to generate our QR codes under the MIT license (Open Source initiative).

See how IRIS KashFlow works with your business and your books