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Quick, simple, secure customer invoice payments

Included in your IRIS KashFlow subscription

IRIS Pay seamlessly integrates with IRIS KashFlow to provide you with next level accounting admin automation. It’s easy to request, then collect payments from your customers and automatically create an invoice.

Automate the collection of recurring and one-off payments using Direct Debit. No set up costs and no monthly fees. Dedicated payment portal with instant real-time notifications

Small costs, BIG Benefits.

No setup and no monthly fees. We charge a small transaction fee for money in. Giving you and your business financial flexibility.

Request. Receive. Record.

Request a payment by sending a personalised payment link however you like.

Receive a payment. Your customer can pay however they choose. Flexibility is everything.

Record a payment with no effort.
A paid invoice is created for you as if by magic.


Request customer payments. Create a payment link in IRIS KashFlow to request payment from your customer.


Send payment requests to customers. Send your payment link via email, text any messaging service, or even send a QR code.


Add a payment button to your invoices. Payment buttons take your customer straight to the secure payment checkout.


Customer can pay using Instant Bank Transfer. Your customers can confirm your payment request directly from their online bank account.


Request and collect payments in person. If your customer is present, you can open the secure checkout for them to pay you directly, no extra equiptment is needed.


Paid invoices automatically created once payment is received. Save admin time - let us do the work for you.


Control your payments from your IRIS KashFlow dashboard. See your latest balance, schedule payouts and request payments.


Take payments by Card, Bank transfer or Direct Debit all from one place. Offer your customers familiar ways to pay including Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Payments at the speed of light.

We offer the fastest payment processing service. With IRIS Pay, you can get paid in seconds via Instant Bank Transfer (Open Banking). Card payments take 1 to 3 days (depending on the card issuer). Getting paid faster helps free up your time and money to allow you to do more of what you love. Oh, and when you get paid, we’ll create a paid invoice in IRIS KashFlow for you. Job done!

credit card

Built in,
it's already yours.

IRIS Pay is part of your IRIS KashFlow subscription. There are no contracts, no set up costs and no hidden fees. All you pay is a small fee for each payment you receive. You can start taking payments straight away and manage your IRIS Pay account directly within IRIS KashFlow. Comfortable and familiar.

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Mobile pay,
pay on the go.

Take payments without logging into IRIS KashFlow. Mobile Pay lets you collect payments from your mobile device using IRIS Pay. Set up a Mobile Pay hyperlink in IRIS KashFlow then save the link to your mobile device. Whenever you want to take a payment, select the link on your device to create an IRIS Pay payment request. It's so easy to get paid any time, anywhere. What's even easier, is IRIS KashFlow does all the hard work and records the payment transactions and creates an invoice for you!

Safety first.

You’re in safe hands. We know how important financial data security is - it’s what we do. Because we use payment links, no financial information needs to be shared. The secure customer checkout keeps payments and transactions safe, so you can focus on what you do best.

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Direct debit

IRIS Pay on cruise control now with Direct Debits.

Direct Debit is now part of your seamless all in one payment experience. Manage your Direct Debit mandates and payments all within one place with real time notifications. No more switching between different third-party products saving you hours of admin whilst lowering costs. Setup repeat billing and decide when you want to collect.

Want to know more?

How do I sign up to IRIS Pay?

It’s easy. We just need some basic details (name, phone number, email address, etc.) then you can start taking payments straight away.

Can I start taking payments straight away?

Yes you can! As soon as you’ve signed up, you’re ready to start sending payment links and getting paid.

How much does it cost?

There’s no contracts, no sign up fee and no subscription. You pay a small fee for each payment you receive. Find out more

How do I request a payment??

You need to be an IRIS KashFlow user. Not already with us?

Sign up for a free trial

If you are already with us simply select Request payment on the IRIS Pay widget on your dashboard. We just need the customer name, email address and the amount you want them to pay. Easy.

Once created, you can share via email or copy the link and send however you choose.

How do my customers pay?

The simple answer is any way they want to. The payment link takes your customer to the secure checkout where they can choose how they want to pay including Open Banking transfer, debit or credit card. You can also create a payment link on the fly so your customers can pay you face-to-face.

Do I need any special equipment?

Absolutely not. IRIS Pay is an ecommerce solution. All you need is your phone, iPad or laptop.

What are Open Banking payments?

Open Banking is a safe, secure and convenient way for your customers to pay you. It is more convenient than manual bank transfers because we redirect the customer straight to their bank with all the payment details pre-filled. All they have to do is log into their bank, select the account use and click to confirm the payment.

Can I still use my current payment processor?

Yes of course you can. You can set up your current provider in IRIS KashFlow and add a Pay Online button to your invoices. You won't be able to send payment links directly to your customers though.

When I can setup a Direct Debit?

Once your IRIS Pay account is in complete status.