Six Million Dollar Men

The Six Million Dollar ManI have been a fan of the Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman since I first saw some of the TV movies as a child, and later when reruns of the shows came on the early SciFi Channel. The concept was fascinating to me, using technology to enhance a human being to superhuman levels, it seemed like science fiction that could become science fact someday.

That being said when my gaming group’s current campaign became a little stale and the need for a break became apparent, I suggested an updated “Six Million Dollar Men campaign. Something in the vein of Special Ops/Black Ops. The idea met with general consent so I began the planning phase.

This basically involved a campaign summary stating the campaign’s premise:

A loose remake of the Six Million Dollar Man, set in the modern day, a group of healthy military volunteers are subjected to a year long process of surgeries and daily injections of nano-machine packages that gradually alter and enhance them. The soldiers (PC’s) are now operatives for a government agency, the Office of Scientific Intelligence (OSI) a division of the United States Department of State, that handles all manner of special situations from augmentation of existing troops/federal agents to dealing with international crisis. Their status as bionically enhanced has to remain a closely guarded secret.

Then I came up with the Bionics package that each player would add to their soldier character.

Bionics (-10% Super Science)
Breath-Holding 2 B41
Damage Resistance 5 Tough Skin B47
Damage Resistance 20 Limited (Crushing) B47
Enhanced Move (Ground: Running) 2 B52
Enhanced Time Sense B52
High Pain Threshold B59
Increased Dexterity +5 B15
Increased Health +5 B14
Increased Strength +40 B14
Infravision B60
Nictitating Membrane 1 B71
Parabolic Hearing 4 B72
Regeneration Regular B80
Resistant Metabolic Hazards B81
Subsonic Hearing 5 B89
Telescopic Vision 4 B92
Temperature Tolerance 4 B93
Unusual Biochemistry B160
Secret (Nano-Bionically Enhanced) Possible Death B152
Maintenance (People Required: 1 person, Freq.: Monthly) B143

I then posted all that on the Steve Jackson Games Forums for advice and made recommended changes.

The next step was looking for ideas for an appropriate adventure. Googling “GURPS special ops campaign” returned a link to a familiar destination, What looked to be a one-shot adventure called Spec Ops: Operation Needle that Warren “Mook” Wilson, who by the way happens to be the author of “How to be a GURPS GM“, had prepared for a convention. Basically, a very straightforward 5-6 man  SpecOps team goes into Syria to take out a chemical weapons factory.

Looking over all Mr. theMook had prepared it occurred to me to ask the question, “What would happen if this adventure took place in the setting I was creating, and what if some of the SpecOps team, normal NPC’s, got killed and the rest got captured, and what if the Director of SpecOps reached to the OSI for a little help?” And suddenly, I had an adventure!

I spiced it up a little by putting the enemies on high alert due to the recent attempt on the facility (the SpecOps team hadn’t been moved yet), and adding a big bad in the form of a Chinese Bionically Enhanced soldier. (the Chinese, Russians, and British all have their own bionic programs) The Chinese were supporting the Syrian chemical weapons project and the enhanced soldier was there as protection for the Chinese Scientists.

The outcome? Big BOOMS and much enjoyment for the players.