VAT Reports:

KashFlow is recognised by HMRC for online filing of VAT and you can submit your VAT return from within the software. You can create real-time customised reports to quickly get a real time picture of your VAT liability and stay HMRC compliant. No one wants the tax man knocking on their door because they’ve not filed their tax return properly!

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Income reports

You need to know what money is coming into your business to manage your cash flow properly. With income reports you can immediately gain insight to your income data with; customers reports, income by customer, income by payment method, income by product and income by sales type

Expenditure reports

There are lots of expenditure reports in KashFlow, including: expenditure by outgoing type, type of expenditure and payment method.

General reports

If you just want a quick overview of your finances, there are even more reports, including; balance sheet, asset register, customer purchase history, monthly profit and loss and self-assessment are just a few. With KashFlow’s updated reports you can easily:

  • Add notes to your reports
  • Personalise your reports by adding your logo
  • Export to PDF and CSV
  • Hide or show nominal codes

Read this blog to find about more about KashFlow’s updated reporting.

Other reports designed especially for people like you

Profit and loss

This report could be the difference between business growth and your business going bust. With this report you can compare different sales types and drill down into sales categories to see what’s working, what isn’t and allow you to make strategic business decisions.

Trial balance

This is a must for every limited company. This report lists all income and spending totals for the financial year, letting you know how successful you have been and providing the basis for HMRC reporting.


KashFlow can automatically generate your self-assessment reports and make missing deadlines a thing of the past. This is an essential report to get to grips with as pretty soon all tax will have to be submitted online as part of HMRC’s ‘Making Tax Digital’ initiative.

Health check report

The health check report analyses essential areas of your company and suggests recommendations on what improvements you can make.


If you require enhanced reporting and business forecasting tools, check out IRIS Analytics. Spend less time on data preparation and more time on making smarter business decisions.

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