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Tired of spending an eternity making a Word document look pretty? With KashFlow’s invoice software, you can easily customise and edit invoices.

KashFlow can issue invoices automatically and notify you by email when they become overdue – So you can focus on earning money, not chasing unpaid invoices.

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Why use KashFlow as your invoice software?

Customised Design

Control the look of your invoices by adding your own details and logos and by removing and adding different elements.

Editable Invoices

With other systems, once you save an invoice it’s set in stone. With KashFlow’s invoice software you can edit your invoices whenever you like.

Emailable, Printable PDFs

Invoices are created as PDFs which you can print or send by email from within the software. Alternatively, you can click a button and have them automatically sent via standard mail.

Product Lists

Pre-enter a list of products or services, and even set it to automatically fill in the price, description and VAT rate.

Automatic Reminders

The system notifies you by email if an invoice becomes overdue. It even gives you effective, pre-written reminder letters to send to the customer.

Payments Received

Automatically lists received payments and show the amount now owed.

  • Tax Breakdown Different options for how to show the amount(s) of tax included on an invoice.
  • Discounts In one click you can add a discount to all or just some of the invoice – at different rates for different customers if need be.
  • Refunds, Credit Note, Bad Debts If you need to refund or write-off an invoice, you can do so very easily.
  • Packing Slips / Delivery Notes Print a copy of your invoice without any financial information shown.
  • Payment ButtonsA “Pay Online” button can be added to your invoices (from our selection, or upload your own) that links to a page for customers to pay you with a credit card (PayPal or Merchant Account required).
  • Custom FieldsDisplay custom fields on an invoice, such as a purchase order number or project name.
  • Overdue and Paid StampsOptionally automatically show a stamp on an invoice to show whether it’s been paid or is overdue.
  • Bulk PaymentsMark multiple invoices as paid with one payment from a single screen.
  • Notes and CommentsAdd comment lines to invoices and add notes just for your own reference.
  • Tax CalculationsAutomatic calculation of VAT and other taxes, including CIS.

Invoice apps

Lots of businesses have chosen to tap into the benefits of smartphone technology and now use an app to make invoices on the go – a process that lets them generate an invoice the moment they deliver a product or service to the customer to speed up the payment process.

KashFlow integrates with well known invoicing apps so you can keep your accounts up to date in just a few clicks, leaving you more time to win new business.

This will help you to handle your invoices in a smooth and efficient way and will mean that you can avoid having to change any processes that you’re happy with. So, whether you use an invoice app currently or not, make life easy for yourself and speed up your payment process by tapping into invoicing software that saves you time and money and makes life as easy as possible.

Any Currency

Add any currency you like and create invoices in that currency; exchange rates update automatically.

Copy Invoices

In a couple of clicks you can create a new invoice that is a copy of an existing invoice – and then edit it if you want to.

Rename Invoices

Rename “Invoice” and all of the fields on an invoice to anything you like.

Invoice from Quotes

You can convert a quote/estimate to an invoice, with or without deleting the original quote.

Payment Receipts

Print or email receipts for payments received.

Extensive Reporting

Lots of useful reports can be viewed based on the invoicing information and read this page for additional information relating to Proforma Invoices and if you don’t currently have a KashFlow account but need to create a customer invoice then we have a free invoice template tool you can use too.

If you have employees, KashFlow not only handles invoicing but you can also use it to manage your payroll too.

Carl Firmstone

We’re often on the road when we need to send out a quote or chase an invoice. KashFlow saves the details of all our clients and prospects, allowing us to quickly produce or amend quotes and send them to the client. Carl Firmstone – Stator Electrical

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