Customisable Templates on the go

Forget making your quotes in Word or Excel, with KashFlow you can take advantage of professional invoice templates. You can customise your quotes to match your business, using your own references and categories. Attach comments to your quotes if you want to save additional information.



You don’t have to just see £ signs. With KashFlow you can produce a quote in any currency you like with exchange rates updated daily (excludes the £7 package).


You don’t want to spend ages trying to find or organise your quotes. With KashFlow you can set up a list of categories to manage your quotes such as Live, Pending, Closed and assign your quotes to these categories.


Convert your quotes to invoices

This can save you lots of time and stop you duplicating your work. You can easily convert your quotes to invoices and if you need to, keep the existing quote for the future. If anything changes you can edit any of your invoices.

Other quotes and estimates features you will love

Unlimited Quotes

There is no limit to the number of quotes you can send out. There are no hidden or unexpected charges for sending lots of them, which is really handy in a busy period.

Print, email, post – it’s your choice

All quotes are created as PDFs which can be printed or emailed at the click of a button from your KashFlow account.

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