Accept Payments Online

Accept IRIS KashFlow payments online and get paid quickly and securely by connecting to GoCardless, Worldpay and others.

Get paid from your IRIS KashFlow invoices

Businesses using a ‘Pay Online’ button on their invoices get paid much faster

  • Connect to a payment provider in IRIS KashFlow to take payments
  • A ‘Pay Online’ Button lets your customers pay by card or direct debit
  • All future invoices will have a Pay Online enabled and when your customer makes a payment the invoice will automatically be marked as paid.

IRIS KashFlow Payment Providers

How do you get paid? Make it easier for yourself by choosing the method best suited for your small business.

“Pay online” button on your IRIS KashFlow invoices

Take payments in person via a card reader

Take payments online via a secure gateway

Automatically collect invoice payments from your customers when they are due, using GoCardless.

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Take card payments on the go and online with Square, and see all your sales in one place.

*Includes free card reader.

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Take secure online payments with a simple setup process.

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Collect card payments in person, online or over the phone with guaranteed payments in 2 to 3 days.

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Take online money transfer with one of the world’s leading online payment systems.

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Changing payment methods

The way people pay is changing – with an overall move towards a cashless and contactless society.

Your customers won’t be any different, so why not get ahead of the curve and improve the way your small business collects payments?

Online protection

Taking payments within IRIS KashFlow provides better protection from fraudulent activity.

Other payment features you’ll love

Record batch payments on sales.

Record batch payment on sales

Record payment for multiple invoices from a customer as one payment to save you having to pay each one manually.

Advanced payment and deposits

Record advanced payments and deposits for customers in the invoices and stats section of the customer profile.

Add multiple payment methods

Whether you accept card payments or direct debits you can set up multiple payment methods that you can apply to invoices and purchase receipts.

Add a “pay online” button

Send invoices directly from the KashFlow app with a “pay online” button included so that you can collect payments online and faster than ever.

Set payment terms

Set either default payment terms for new customers or define individual payment terms for your existing customers.

See how IRIS KashFlow works with your business and your books