After You’ve Integrated

Once our apps are playing together nicely, we want to ensure that everyone can get the best out of the integration. The first step? Getting you listed on our Add Ons page.

But before we can do that, we need a few things from you…

  • A logo (max 220px wide by 100px tall) and 50 words describing what your app does.
  • Details for a sub-page. This might include things like more information about the integration, some of the benefits it can bring and/or a video about how everything works.
  • A landing page on your site – although we can just direct potential customers to your homepage, a bespoke page that reinforces the connection with KashFlow tends to be much more effective.

If you can’t provide all of the above, don’t worry – just give us the basic content (logo and some text) for the Add Ons page, and we’ll work with that!

We can also provide a code to give your customers a discount (and generate an ongoing revenue stream for you). If you’re interested in emailing or tweeting about this to your existing customers, just let us know and we’ll create a code for you.

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